First-come first-serve rule!
In China, it is strongly recommended to register your trademark before anything else!


Trademark filing

Before filing, please check if the trademark is already registered or not. We can help with a preliminary search if needed.

Keep in mind that a valid trademark must either be in use or intended for business use.

Once everything is provided, Easy Trademark China will file the application online.

  Filling Filling

Formal examination by the CMTO (Chinese Trademark Office)

The examiner will check all the requirements (legality, distinctiveness, availability, etc.). Once this step done, the trademark will receive a preliminary aproval.

Timeframe: about 2 months after the filing.

  Examination Examination

Publication in the official trademark Gazette

About 7 to 9 months after filing, the CMTO will publish the trademark in the Official Gazette. Passed the 3 months opposition period, in case of absence or rejection of an apposition, the trademark is registered for 10 years!

  Publication Publication

Ready to Use

Once registered, you can fully use the trademark. Chinese platforms such as Alibaba or Tmall request a trademark certificate to accept products.

Your trademark certificate can also be registered with the Chinese customs to control counterfeits.

More importantly, your trademark certificate will be an asset to your business, with added-value.

  Ready Ready

Register your trademark in China now