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starting from 299 USD !

You’ve read, that's right.

Our filing fee is only USD 299 for one class including 10 products.

Why to register your trademark in China ?


    10 years protection
    Exclusive right of use of the trademark holder.


    The first applicant is the only winner.


    It takes much longer time in China to register a trademark
    Chinese market access is limited during this period.


Register your trademark easily

Easychinatrademark allows you to register your brand in China in a simple and effective way and without having to speak Chinese. Whether you are an individual or a company, Easychinatrademark opens the doors of the Middle Empire to you by protecting your brand. We support you to apply for and register your trademark in China through a simple interface.

Follow your trademark process

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Throughout the registration process, you will be able to log on to to follow the status of the procedure and access your complete file transparently.

What our clients say

We helped more than 300
enterprises and individuals to register their trademarks in China.


    I have used Easytrademarkchina for a number of trademark related to my business and other related interest. The process has been very smooth and easy to handle through this website, after having been told that registering trademark in China would be really difficult. Highly recommended


    The registration of your own trademark in China is fundamental pillar for smooth and profitable business, to stand out of the crowd and grow a successful brand. In Easytrademarkchina we have found an effective partner to register our trademarks efficiently and in due course


    Registering your own brand in China is the pre condition of any secured and successful business. A brand is the essence of a corporate Identity and the DNA of the brand identity. By choosing Easytrademark we took the first step to diligently protect our interests. It was fast, efficient and effective. We highly recommend! Thank you

  • 10 months

    Automatic Average deposit time calculated by Easytrademark China based on its clients' application.

  • +300 cases

    from clients that trusted us.

  • 12 hours

    Maximum time to file our clients' application (working day)

Understand the procedure to register your trademark